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ITassist247 FAQ

ITassist247 vs. Your Current IT Support

Why should I use this service over a traditional hourly consulting service?
Hourly consulting is reactive in nature and therefore it is expensive. ITassist247 combines the best IT management tools and practices with the highest level of customer service. We will proactively monitor and manage the health of your network, solve problems before they have an impact on your business, provide preventive maintenance on workstations to keep them updated with the latest patches and make them less vulnerable by reducing security loopholes. All of this on a very affordable flat fee basis. Our customers average a 50-70% cost savings using our services compared to their previous solution provider who charged the traditional hourly onsite rates.

We have a friend that took a couple of computer classes while in college. We call him whenever we need computer help. Why shouldn't we just stick with him?
Small businesses are as dependent on technology as Fortune 500 firms. The challenge of managing IT is similar in both small and large firms. Through years of experience, we have found that many small businesses use a friend or part-time employee to try to manage their computer systems. The technology in use is often obsolete, as they don’t possess the resources to upgrade themselves and most often they are unavailable or busy when you need them to address an emergency. This can result in a substantial loss of productivity and bring your business to a standstill.

Support and Coverage

I’m skeptical that Immeron can effectively provide me the support I need over the Internet.
Currently we are able to solve more than 93% of our customer’s issues over the Internet. Utilizing ITassist247, a remote IT infrastructure management platform, we take remote control of a workstation or server and carry out repairs on the system as if a certified engineer was sitting in front of the system. Our average time to resolve an issue is about 22 minutes. In the event we are not able to fix the problem remotely, we have an option to send an engineer on-site immediately, subject to the urgency of the problem.

Explain the Remote Control service is my information safe?
It’s very safe. We utilize 256 bit SSL encrypted remote control software that allows us to take control of your computer as if we were sitting right at your desk. This reduces Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and is a key requirement for delivering maximum service availability. In order to use the software on your computer, we must get your permission each and every time. Utilizing permission-based access, we cannot access the remote PC without your consent. The remote control features do not require any reconfiguration of your existing firewall, utilizes strong logging and has robust audit trail features.

Why did you develop ITassist247?
Most small businesses have a hard time getting consistent, reliable advice and support for their technology. Immeron provides all of the services a SMB needs, on a 24x7 basis, at a very affordable rate. The SMB community can now outsource their IT needs just like outsourcing payroll, human resources or recruiting services. 

How will ITassist247 help my business and employees perform better?
Most SMBs either don’t have reliable technology support or completely avoid using it for as long as possible because they feel like they are running up an expensive ‘tab’ anytime they require help. ITassist247 is a platform that will allow your employees to utilize the technology they need, when they need it, all for a flat, monthly fee. This encourages your staff to proactively get answers to the questions affecting their work performance and keeps your business from being affected by technology problems.

Do I Really Need This Type of Service?

Why shouldn't I just call the manufacturer of my computer for help?
That does seem to make sense, doesn't it? However, most people who have tried this just get very frustrated long hold times, passing the buck to another manufacturer, being charged large sums for every call. It’s enough to drive you crazy. Immeron will solve most problems with your technology immediately over the Internet or on the phone. If not, we are local, so we can send one of our certified engineers to take care of the issue in person.