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Fact 1 - Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) report that IT problems affect an average of 50+ hours of lost productivity a year per employee.

Fact 2 - Immeron has been able to proactively resolve 93% of IT problems before they turn into performance problems, downtime, loss of data or security breaches.

Fact 3 - By utilizing effective IT management tools, methodologies, and experienced staff, Immeron has reduced our customers IT support costs by up to 50%.

Managing and troubleshooting desktops, servers, networks and IT security is rarely seen as a core strength of most SMBs.  So you ask yourself - "Does hiring a full-time IT support specialist make sense? Can I pay a predictable monthly price rather than being at the mercy of IT support charges paid by the hour? How can I reduce downtime, poor performance and IT security breaches without blowing my budget?" Envision for a moment, a team of IT professionals that would predict, prevent and protect your company against IT problems every day of the year—all for a fixed monthly rate.

ITassist247 is a set of comprehensive IT management services at a predictable and affordable monthly cost. Immeron provides world class IT services utilizing a sophisticated set of IT management tools, currently available only to Fortune 100 companies like Sony & LG . You get all of this without a substantial up-front investment. Furthermore, start up time is minimal. Our technology allows us to proactively fix issues before they turn into problems and instantaneously respond to avoid disaster. 

Experience a higher level of service with ITassist247.